The ES Way

Education Sector is a hybrid institution, formed at the intersection of public policy, research, and journalism. We borrow from each of these fields, marrying the independence, communications excellence, and public accessibility of the best journalism; a commitment to research; and the practical impact of policy analysis. This combination makes our work stronger and requires us to think in different ways. It leads us to ideas that are innovative, evidence-based, well-communicated, and most importantly, impact the public debate. The ES Way outlines our commitment to this hybrid concept and commits us to the values that we hold from each field.

  • We seek to foster a culture of ideas and debate. We do not impose a rigid creed or doctrine on members of the Education Sector team, outside contributors, or the work we publish.
  • We approach our work from multiple perspectives and methods, understanding both the specific issues and the larger interrelated systems across the field of education and beyond.

To meet our standards, work must be:

  • Intellectually and methodologically rigorous
  • Honest and transparent
  • Timely and solution-oriented
  • Clearly communicated
  • We are independent and consequently will never relinquish editorial control to any outside interest, including funders of our organization.
  • We seek to inject our ideas into the broad public debate, aggressively promoting our ideas to multiple audiences that include educators, policymakers, the philanthropic community, the media, and the general public. We vigorously advocate for our ideas, but are not an advocacy organization in the common usage of that term because we do not have a fixed ideology, membership, or specific constituency.
  • We seek impact and therefore have relationships with key change agents in our field. As part of our commitment to transparency we actively disclose any relevant formal or significant relationships that intersect with any Education Sector product.
  • We aspire to be solutions-oriented and entrepreneurial, we value a willingness to defy conventional wisdom, and we seek employees and contributing writers and researchers who can thrive in a culture of high standards and ambitious ideals.


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