Transparency Policy

To ensure confidence in our work, Education Sector is committed to a rigorous standard of transparency and disclosure. All Education Sector products that are supported by specific funding sources will disclose those sources of support. In addition, Education Sector's Board of Directors has adopted a disclosure and transparency policy to which all Education Sector employees must adhere.

As a 501(c)3 tax exempt, nonprofit, non-partisan organization and an organization that seeks to produce independent, transparent and objective analysis on education issues, all staff at Education Sector must observe conflict of interest policies. They are as follows:

  • All potential conflicts of interest will be clearly disclosed in any product or writing produced by Education Sector. This includes any consulting arrangement, unpaid service, or other material involvement in any entity or organization or campaign bearing on the work product during the previous three years. Disclosure is limited to the author(s) of the product and any personnel in their supervisory chain.
  • No full-time staff at Education Sector may own any stock or hold any other financial position in any for-profit educational venture or any education-specific mutual funds (though incidental ownership through broader-based mutual funds is permissible).
  • At no time may any Education Sector staff or consultant undertake any work for a partisan cause or campaign on Education Sector time or using Education Sector resources including, but not limited to, computers, phones, and office supplies.
  • Brief biographies of members of the Board of Directors will be posted on Education Sector's website and will list any educational affiliations that intersect with the work of Education Sector.